The Process

Choosing the Finish

Next, you’ll have to choose from three different kinds of paint finish for your new color scheme. An eggshell finish has a slight sheen to it and is often used in areas that may get wet, like bathrooms and children’s rooms, because it is washable. The downside is that this kind of finish is hard to touch up; the sheen fades over time and then your touch-ups are shinier than older areas. A semi-gloss paint finish creates an even shinier surface and is usually reserved for painting wooden furnishings, like doors, windows and shelves. A flat paint finish is much like its name suggests – a flat, smooth finish that hides imperfections well.

Room Preparation

1. Move out furniture (or cover it). If you will have enough room to paint with the furniture still in the room, it may be a better choice to cover it up rather than take it out and have to bring it back into a freshly painted room and risk scratching or nicking any fresh paint. Tarps do a great job of covering furniture. 2. Open a window. Fresh air is important while painting. Some paints and primers can have strong odors, so opening a window will bring clean air into the room for healthier breathing. 3. Remove curtains and drapes (and blinds, if necessary). 4. Cover light fixtures or remove them. 5. Remove hardware and electrical outlet covers. 6. Cover floors with tarps and make sure to tape them down to prevent them from moving around while you work in the room.

Wall Preparations

1. Remove nails 2. Caulk and patch any holes or imperfections as needed 3. Sand the walls or use an abrasive cleaner for surfaces that are glossy or nonporous 4. Wash the walls. You know best whether your walls need a washing. It’s a good idea to at least wipe down the walls with a damp cloth in order to remove dust or other dirt. It will make the paint look better and even make the application easier 5. Mask all areas not to be painted using proper masking materials 6. Prime walls. Primers are good for covering up pre-existing wall problems such as discolorations, blocking out uneven surfaces and even help with blocking out odors.

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