Epoxy Floor Preparation

Epoxy floor Preparation

First we begin with the most important step in the epoxy garage floor process: preparation. Concrete must be properly prepared in order to accept adhesion from any floor coating, whether epoxy, urethane, or polyurethane. Regardless of the coating we apply, we always prepare all concrete surfaces with a heavy-duty diamond-head grinding machine. This machine roughens the concrete and ensures dead-on adhesion. Or we recommend acid-etching before the application of coatings. Acid etching cleans all unwanted contaminated areas and gives the surface a rough texture so Epoxy will have great adhesion. We use Both of these systems depending on the severity of the concrete and work area. (Both work great )

  • Step 1 We apply 1 coat of epoxy (prime coat)
  • Step 2 We apply a second coat of epoxy with decorative chips if desired
  • Step 3 We apply clear coats if desired 1 to 2 are recommended but not necessary
  • Step 4 Allow floor to dry at least 12-24 hours for light traffic and at least 72 hour for heavy traffic

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